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"The real contribution of Rihani consists in having given us, in both Arabic and English, what may be considered the most vivid and interesting account of common-day life as it is lived at present in the hitherto little known Arabia."
Philip K. Hitti, 1931
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.:2012 Rihani Scholarship Recipients

Each year, the Rihani Scholarship Selection Committee is charged with the task to select the scholarship recipient for the year. The committee continues to be highly impressed by the caliber of applicants who have competed for this year's award. Their character, academic performance, talents, and contributions to society are exemplary which made the task for the committee that much harder. With such highly qualified applicants, the task of selecting the recipient of this scholarship remains a challenge for the Scholarship Selection Committee. This year, the Committee had a long deliberation resulting in the announcement of the winner of the $1,500 Ameen Rihani Scholarship for 2012 - Margaret (Maggie) Ann Azzi, a Lebanese-American from Louisville, Ohio. The four runner-ups were equally qualified and deserve to be recognized accordingly. However, given the current rules of the Scholarship Program, only one individual could be chosen as the Recipient of the Rihani Scholarship.

Maggie Azzi Margaret Ann Azzi

Maggie Azzi was born in Mayfield Heights, Ohio to her Lebanese father and American mother. She has enjoyed a cumulative unweighted GPA of 4.00/4.00, and has also earned straight As in all classes that she has taken throughout her years of high school, including nine Advance Placement (AP) classes. She was ranked first in her graduating class of 261 students. She has been awarded the Joyce Ivy Scholarship to study the Modern Standard Arabic language at the Harvard Summer School. In recognition of her academic excellence, she was the winner of the Teen Court Essay, was granted the Excellence Award at the Ohio State Science Day, and became a Buckeyes Girls State Delegate.

Maggie's teachers are a testimony of her exemplary character. Her school counselor says, "Maggie is serious about her academics and ambitious in her quest for developing herself into the most productive citizen that she can become". He adds on to say, "All her involvement aims at serving others. She takes it upon herself to better our school and community. Service is far more important to her than awards and notoriety. I find Maggie to be one of the finest examples of the young people of today and a great role model for her peers". Another teacher says, "Few students can hope to match the drive and energy level of Maggie Azzi".

Maggie has been accepted at Tufts University and will be enrolled there in the Fall of 2012. She is interested in pursuing her studies in the Modern Standard Arabic Language, International Business, and ultimately get a degree in International Law. Her ambition is to work, one day, in the diplomatic field to address and improve relations betwen the United States and Lebanon.

The Ameen Rihani Scholarship Committee extends its warm congratulations to Maggie!


Each year the Ameen Rihani Organization receives scholarship applications from a number of highly talented students who will be entering their first year of university studies. Since the Rihani scholarship can only be offered to one student each year, the Scholarship Selection Committee decided that, beginning with 2006, runner-ups will also be recognized.  These individuals have enjoyed similar exemplary characteristics and achievements as those of the selected Scholarship Recipient.

The runners-up for the 2012 Ameen Rihani Scholarship are:

Lara AlKarim, Lebanese-American from Aurora, Colorado, entering Syracuse University
Rita Bybee, Egyptian-American from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, entering Westmont College
Mariam Jalloul, Lebanese-American from Dearborn, Michigan, entering Harvard University
Layla Khuri, Lebanese-American from Atlanta, Georgia, entering Yale University

Lara AlKarim
Lara AlKarim
Rita Bybee
Rita Bybee
Mariam Jalloul
Mariam Jalloul
Layla Khuri
Layla Khuri

Congratulations to Maggie, Lara, Rita, Mariam, and Layla!