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"An object is great in proportion to its power of resistance to time and the elements. That is why we think the pyramids are great. But see, the desert is greater than the pyramids, and the sea is greater than the desert, and the heavens are greater than the sea."
Ameen Rihani, 1911
.:2009 Rihani Scholarship Recipients

2009 was another exceptional year with regards to the talent and qualifications characterized by the various applicants for the Rihani Scholarship. Additionally, this year witnessed the second highest number of applicants which exceeded 100 college-bound freshmen students. The Scholarship Selection Committee had a long deliberation which culminated with the announcement of the winner of the $1,500 Ameen Rihani Scholarship for 2009 - Deena Tumeh, an American of Syrian and Lebanese descent from Atlanta, GA.

Deena Tumeh Deena Tumeh

A 3.94 (unweighted) cumulative GPA, 10 honors and merit awards received during 2008-2009, over 500 hours of extra-curricular and community service activities, and an accomplished soprano soloist, are just some of the attributes that differentiate Deena Tumeh from the rest. "This outstanding young lady may very well be one of the brightest students we have had the opportunity to know and teach, for Deena exudes the rarest combination of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and curiosity" says her college counselor. Deena takes great interest in human rights issues and is known to be a pacifist and an advocate against social injustices in the world. Another teacher adds, "she deplores injustice and applauds advances in mankind's quest to be better".

It is no surprise that Deena's accomplishments and qualifications were instrumental in getting her accepted in several Ivy League schools, such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. Deena is now enrolled at Yale and will start her freshman year in the Fall of 2009 majoring in Political Science. She is keen on pursuing ethnic studies and conflict resolutions and ultimately applying such knowledge in the capacity of an international human rights lawyer. She hopes to work with organizations such as Amnesty International and International Justice Mission as an advocate for victims of human rights violation, war, and discrimination.

The Ameen Rihani Scholarship Committee extends its warm congratulations to Deena!

Runner Up
Each year the Ameen Rihani Organization receives scholarship applications from a number of highly talented students who will be entering their first year of university studies. Since the Rihani scholarship can only be offered to one student each year, the Scholarship Selection Committee decided that, beginning with 2006, runner-ups will also be recognized.  These individuals have enjoyed similar exemplary characteristics and achievements as those of the selected scholarship winner.

The runner-ups for the 2009 Ameen Rihani Scholarship are:

Jehane Samaha, Lebanese-American from Massachussets, entering Brown University
Melanie Snail, Algerian-American from Maryland, entering the University of Virginia
F. Elias Boujaoude, Lebanese-American from New York, entering Colgate University
Congratulations to Deena, and to Jehane, Melanie, and Elias!