Ameen Rihani Organization
"Remember what your great citizen Ameen Rihani said over seventy years ago: Our country is just beginning to speak, and I am her chosen voice. I feel that if I do not respond, if I do not come to her, she will be dumb forever. This saying revives in you every national pride and integrity. Let us all respond to Rihani’s call."
Amine Gemayel, 1983 - President of Lebanon
.: Rihani Museum

In 1953 Albert Rihani founded a private museum in honor of his brother, Ameen Rihani. This museum was renovated in 1986 and now occupies the lower level of the Rihani home in Freike, Lebanon.

Among a variety of things found in the museum are his English and Arabic writings, his manuscripts, letters, works of art of his own and those presented to him by artist friends, busts sculpted of him, personal belongings, newspaper clippings, and personal gifts from World Leaders.

Rihani Museum in Lebanon
The Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon

Works Of Art
  • Rihani's own caricature sketches
  • Bertha Case's (Rihani's wife) paintings
  • Oberhardt's portraits of Rihani
  • S. J. Woolf's portrait of Rihani
  • Gibran Kahlil Gibran's three portraits of Rihani
  • Gibran Kahlil Gibran's sketches for Rihani's The Book of Khalid
  • Mustafa Farroukh's portraits of Rihani
  • Helen Peale's portrait of Rihani
  • Will Simmons' chalk and pencil sketches
  • Troy Kenny's chalk and pencil sketches
  • J. Davis' oil paintings
  • N. Ferdinandoff's mosaic art work
  • Joseph Houwayek's round brass relief of Rihani's profile, and painting
  • Frederick Reynolds' water color painting

Busts Of Rihani
  • By Lebanese Sculpturer Joseph Houwayek - 1934
  • By Italian Sculpturer G. Mallozi - 1954
Bust of Rihani, NY
Bust of Rihani by Italian Sculpturer Mallozi

Newspaper Articles
  • Compiled in 16 large volumes
  • Written in 25 different languages, and
  • Collected from 44 different countries

Personal Belongings
Among several personal items, a visitor will find the following:
  • His desk, New York, 1904
  • His bed
  • His typewriter and pens
  • His eyeglasses
  • His altimeter and compass used in his trips to the Arabian desert in 1922
  • His Western and Arab clothing, 1922-1940
  • His cane
  • His watch
  • His coffee pot
  • His passport containing visas several of which were personally issued by the rulers of Arabia, 1922
Rihani's Typewriter, NY
Rihani's Typewriter

Gifts From World Leaders
And Distinguished Friends
  • Personal sword of King Abdul-Aziz, founder of Saudi Arabia
  • A rosary from Pope Benedict XV, a gift to Rihani's mother
  • A royal dagger from King Hussein the First of Hijaz
  • A piece of the Holy Moslem Kaaba cover, believed to be the only such gift to a Christian, presented to him by King Hussein the First of Hijaz
  • Two historic Persian carpets presented to him by King Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia
  • Portrait of Walt Whitman from S. J. Woolf
  • Various pieces of artwork by and from: Troy Kenny, Wil Simmons, S. J. Woolf, Kahlil Gibran, William Oberhardt, Margaret White, and Helen Peale
  • Pictures of a pure-bred Arabian horse, called Noura, presented to him by King Abdul-Aziz
Rihani Museum
A wing of the Rihani Museum
(Photo by Joseph Abi Raad)