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"Truth breeds power, and truth never perishes."
Ameen Rihani, 1928
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View a glimpse of Rihani's personal life.
This presentation is rich in various pictures and portraits taken of Rihani, family pictures, and several quotes.

Images & Quotations - A Glimpse of His Personal Life


Ameen Rihani is seen here on an ocean cruise with a friend. This short 30 second motion picture is believed to be taken off the shores of England in the early 20th Century. Rihani is the gentleman on the right.

Note: The video does not have audio.


This depicts a gathering at the Town House Club at 123 West 43rd Street in New York on June 5, 1937. Ameen Rihani was the Guest of Honor and was hailed by each of the two opening speakers Faris S. Malouf and Professor Hocking of Harvard. The Master of Ceremony was Dr. Shatara. The presentations by Malouf and Hocking were about 30 minutes, combined. Rihani's speech was 26 minutes long. During the introduction of Ameen Rihani, Dr. Shatara read two cables praising the Guest of Honor, one from the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Ameen Al-Huseini, and the other from Emir Adel Arslan in London. This broadcast was aired by the local radio station WNYC in NY. This event was recorded on seven long-play records which are currently located in the Ameen Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon. The voice was restored at a professional sound studio by employing noise reduction techniques, filtering, and elimination of static as much as practical. The voice remains typically low, and there is at times a rather intrusive sound from the needle running on the surface of the LP. If using headphones, the listener can hear and understand most of the speech. This is the only known recording available of Rihani, and is considered to be invaluable.

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The following was aired on Voice of Lebanon radio on January 18, 2015. It was written and broadcast by Lebanese poet and writer, Henri Zghaib, who reviews Rihani's book Qualb Lubnan (The Heart of Lebanon). The broadcast is based on an article written by Zghaib and published in Al-Anwar newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon, one week earlier.

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    "I deposit in many banks including the bank of wisdom.
    The more I draw on my accounts, no matter how big the sum, the bigger my balance becomes."
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    "The West for me means ambition, the East contentment. My heart is ever in one, my soul in the other."
  • Quotation #8 [800 x 600]   [1024 x 768]   [1280 x 1024]
    "Like matter itself, an ideal is mutable, but indestructible. It does not die; it only undergoes a change."
  • Quotation #11 [800 x 600]   [1024 x 768]   [1280 x 1024]
    "My wish is to rise without being elevated over anyone,
    To advance without stepping on anyone or becoming envious of those above me."