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"Had courage, wisdom, and reason always prevailed in people, there would not have been oppressions and oppressors."
Ameen Rihani, 1925
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
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This has been a great resource for my research. Thanks for keeping the site up and running.

It is a pleasure to know that the Ameen Rihani Scholarship is open to those interested in encouraging their Lebanese and Arabic children to apply for aid in their education in the art of literature. Ameen Rihani's biography at this website is a great encouragement for our children to complete an education in college. Ameen Rihani proved that dedication to your goals and hard work makes them a reality.
God Bless Rihani for his love of the Lebanese culture and his leadership in what he believed through the writings in his books.

Ameen Rihani believed that the American dream has nothing to do with geography or nationality, that it is more than just the American dream -- it is the Human Dream, the vindication of the hopes, tears and prayers of all good men. He realized that it is not enough to be just American patriots but, now, planetry patriots. He knew then that we no longer live in America but in the world, and that our world has had enough nationalists, chauvinists and jingoists and that it is desperately in need of world citizens and statesmen and patriots to match and master its problems.

We are a humanitarian organization helping people from all over the world. Please check our web site:

The ones interested to study in Germany, will find there enough information about our program "No child left behind". Through this program we organise everything that you might need to study in Germany.

Kind regards,
The management team of IHA

Great web site and great books.
But I didnt know how to see the information of your website in Arabic.
Keep it up!

Great site.

I am happy to see that there is some sort of representation and recognition of the bright people that make up the Arab world.

I am so delighted to see this website dedicated to one of the many great Lebanese minds. Rihani, Gibran, Naime, and many others make me, the Lebanese emigrant in Australia, very proud of my Lebanese identity and revives in me the urge and eagerness to fulfill in my life the great Lebanese vocation of joining East and West of spreading tolerance and peace among the people of the world.
I surely hope this excellent website will be the first in many, honoring all the great Lebanese figures lying unrecognized by the new generations, in a time where such people are unfortunately almost extinct.

Long Live Lebanon in our hearts,
Long Live the Lebanese Vocation.

On the hope to see the new dawn of Lebanon shine again very soon.

The early Arab immigrants to America have made great contributions to the Arab litrature here and at home in the Arab world. Their efforts resulted in keeping the Arab language alive here and contributed to its advancement. Their efforts are forever appreciated. It is sad that we don't have such great literary figures today in the Mahjar, despite the increased number of immigrants and advancement in communication.
Amee n Rihani stood tall!

Dear Rihanis,
I am so glad I got reconnected to the Rihanis again, thanks to AlHewar. I was a student under Ameen Rihani, Jr. in 1973-75 at IC and participated in Ramzi's play "PROVA" at AUB Theater in 1973-74. I have met May Rihani at least at one occasion if not two.. I am very impressed with the Rihanis style and educational backgrounds. I've also been to Al-Furaykeh, home of the Great Poet and writer...

Miss you all, wish I could've been at May's event in DC in late February... I'd Like to have the E-mail of Ameen & Ramzi so I can drop'em a word ? ... Please help. All "Z" Best to ALL the Rihanis always

My name is Alain Ibrahim and I am also originally from Freike... Ghoussoub family descent. Freike is a very small village, few dozen of homes... not many people. I don’t think you have even a mayor over there. They are pretty much involved in politics and cultural activities in this mountain area. Must be in the genes. I remember my grandfather... he got himself in a lot of trouble because of that. And the story continues... I never got the time to know Ameen Al Rihani better... or to perfect my english. It will come with time or maybe never. Anyway, I am proud of him and all of you. I am sitting right now in my office located in the Riyadh area and I am wondering what am I doing right here!
I have a lot of admiration from what i already know about Ameen. But as you see times have changed. The good old times have been gone in the Middle East region. I am sure that one day i will go back there... if it is the will of God.
I am so sorry for my English...
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Number of messages : 257