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"I renounce falsehood, whatsoever be the guise it assumes, and I embrace truth, wheresoever I find it."
Ameen Rihani, 1911
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Tenth Anniversary of Ameen Rihani Website

The Website dedicated to the Lebanese-American writer Ameen Rihani celebrated its tenth anniversary (April 1997 – April 2007) with on-going successful highlights. This cultural and educational site has, so far, received over 175,000 hits from 117 countries around the world that speak a total of 63 different European, Asian, and African different languages. In recognition of its professional and cultural role, the Ameen Rihani website received a letter from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC confirming that the “information made publicly accessible on the website, together with the way it is presented online, provides valuable documentation of the mission, organization, and activities of the Rihani Organization…” The letter confirms that “this site was chosen… to become part of an historic collection of internet materials, and the Library will subsequently make the archived versions available to researchers onsite at Library facilities”. The letter explains this arrangement by emphasizing the fact that “researchers interested in the Rihani Papers will welcome the opportunity to search and retrieve complementary digital resources” related to the subject.

In 2004, the Ameen Rihani Organization introduced a newly designed web site that replaced the previous one. The new look is marked with several enhancements and additions including the display of a random quote from a database of over 100 quotes, more enhanced pictures and a search engine that facilitate the work of researchers.

It is worth noting, on this occasion, that the Lycos Book Guide in North America ranked the Ameen Rihani Home Page 12th among the 100 "Top Rated Websites" in literature.