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"Whirl, whirl, whirl, Till the world is the size of a pearl.
Dance, dance, dance, Till the world's like the point of a lance.
Soar, soar, soar, Till the world is no more. "
Ameen Rihani, 1921
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A Play by Rihani Published for the First Time

The manuscript entitled Wajdah, a play in four acts, was just published in April 2001. This first edition of the book is published by Platform International in Washington, DC. This is the beginning of a larger project encompassing the publishing of all 17 English manuscripts of Ameen Rihani. This endeavor is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon, and with the collaboration of the Rihani Museum, The Ameen Rihani Organization, and the Ameen Rihani Institute in Washington, DC.

The following are excerpts from the foreword:

"Wajdah, the heroine of the play, is a Yemenie Princess of the seventh century who converts to Islam and faces the challenge of reconciling faith and reason. The conflict is brought about by the disappearance of her infant son during a religious battle in Arabia. After many years, a young man is presented as her son and she is in turmoil about his true identity… This may be the first time that Islamic history is presented to the English reader in a play. Perhaps it is the first time that an Arab-American portrays to the West a defiant Arab woman from the seventh century who questions everything, and defies all norms. Rihani has been known for successfully and eloquently bringing together two cultural poles…"

To obtain a copy of this book (ISBN 0-96343-499-3), priced at U.S. $20, you may order it by contacting the Ameen Rihani Organization and sending an email that contains your shipping address and the required quantity to ARO.