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"Our Phoenician ancestors never left anything they undertook unfinished. Consider what they accomplished in their days, and the degree of culture they attained."
Ameen Rihani, 1911
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Beirut Exhibition on Rihani

The Dar Al-Jadid Publishing House, in collaboration with the Arab Cultural Club of Beirut, organized an exhibition of Rihani’s photographs and books celebrating the centennial of Rihani’s return to Lebanon to study Arabic and the beginning of his writing in his mother tongue. The exhibition was held at the Beirut Expo Center from November 27 through December 9, 1998. Over 100,000 people, mostly university students and professors together with high school teachers and students, visited the exhibition . The event was covered in the local and Arab media.

Rihani's Return to the Arabic Language

Rihani's Return to the Arabic Language A booklet commemorating the centennial of Rihani’s return to the Arabic language was published in late November by Dar Al-Jadid Publishing House entitled Rihani’s Return to the Arabic Language. The 40 page booklet is co-authored by Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz, Rasha Al-Ameer, Luqman Sleem, Khalil Ramez Sarkis, Rev. Father Simon Faddul, Ambassador Fuad At-Turk, Talal Salman, Sawsan Al-Abtah and Ameen Albert Rihani. The booklet is richly illustrated with many colored photographs of Rihani with family members and friends from Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United States of America.

A Literary Recital in Bulgaria

The Lebanese ambassador to Bulgaria, H. E. Mr. Hussein Al-Mussawi, organized a literary recital from Rihani’s well known book, Ar-Rihaniyat, on Thursday, December 10, 1998 at the Endika Cultural Center (ECC) in Sofia. Among the audience were ambassadors of Arab countries and professors of Middle Eastern studies and comparative literature from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Sofia. It was highlighted that Ar-Rihaniyat is the first 20th Century landmark of the Arab Immigration Literature and that it carries the Literary Renaissance characteristics that were later on adopted by “Al-Adab Al-Mahjari”. This book that Rihani wrote in Lebanon at the beginning of this century is recognized, once again, at the dawn of the 21st Century.