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"Our Phoenician ancestors never left anything they undertook unfinished. Consider what they accomplished in their days, and the degree of culture they attained."
Ameen Rihani, 1911
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The Rihani National Committee

On Monday, May 29, 2006, a press conference was held at the Lebanese Press Syndicate in Beirut to announce the establishment of the Rihani National Committee (RNC). The speakers included Mr. Mohammad Baalbaki, President of the Lebanese Press Syndicate, Dr. Joe H. Moawad, the legal Consultant of the RNC, Dr. Sawsan Al-Abtah, Editor-in-Chief of the cultural supplement of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Mr. Ghassan Matar, President of the Lebanese Writers Association, and Mr. Suleiman Bakhti, author and publisher. The role of Rihani in the Arab modern Renaissance was highlighted, and the need for a new appraisal of Rihani’s thoughts was emphasized as part of the Committee’s purpose. The objectives of the Committee were described as follows:
  1. Organize conferences on Rihani’s political and literary thought, in collaboration with the Lebanese Writers Association and the Arab Writers Association.
  2. Suggest to the Ameen Rihani Institute (ARI) in the USA to organize a new conference on Rihani emphasizing the Oriental aspect in his English works as a significant and pioneering contribution to Arab-American Literature.
  3. Ask the Library of Congress to develop its collection of Rihani papers to include all his correspondence with Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, together with all the lectures he gave during the twenties and thirties at Colleges and Universities in America.
  4. Collaborate with the Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon, in order to build an up-dated bibliography on Rihani, and to collect all other archives related to the Philosopher of Freike from the national archive centers in Washington DC, London, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Rome and others.
  5. Encourage scholars from the Arab world, America, and Europe, to write Rihani’s biography highlighting his major role in globalization and East-West relations, particularly as it relates to the Arab-American rapprochement.
  6. Keep contact with the media, particularly the literary supplements, to provide them with the necessary material for the promotion of the intellectual image of Rihani at the international scene.
  7. Collaborate with the Ameen Rihani Organization (ARO) in Washington, DC to provide the Rihani home page with the news and activities of RNC.

The members of the RNC are the following writers and poets:
Dr. Rabi’a Abi-Fadel
Mr. Shawki Abi-Shakra
Dr. Sawsan Al-Abtah
Mr. Kaisar Afif
Dr. Salwa Al-Khalil Al-Amin
Miss. Diane Armali
Mr. Akl Aweet
Mr. Suleiman Bakhti
Mr. Abbas Beidoun
Dr. Elham Kallab Bsat
Mr. Jean Dayeh
Mr. Jihad Fadel
Dr. Wajeeh Fanous
Mr. Lameh Al-Hurr
Dr. Zaheeda Darwish Jabbour
Dr. Sami Makarem
Dr. Henry Melki
Dr. Joe H. Mouawad
Dr. Anis Mousallam
Mrs. Emily A. Nasrallah
Dr. Mohammad Ali Shamseddine
Mr. Mahmoud Shreih
Mr. Abdo Wazen
Dr. Latif Zeitouni
Mr. Henry Zoghaib