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"Ameen Rihani carries a flame that will never extinguish. He is a writer of literary battles. Once on stage he knows how to conquer his opponent..."
Maroun Abboud, 1941
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New and Enhanced Rihani Web Site Launched

In late 2003 and early 2004, the Ameen Rihani Organization embarked on a project to enhance the Rihani web site. Much work has been done during several months in that period of time which has culminated in a new and enhanced website. The new site replaces its predecessor which was the very first web site developed and launched by the organization in 1997. Nearly 100,000 visitors have browsed the old site, and it is believed that the new one, which was launched on July 3, 2004, will attract an even larger audience from around the world.

The new web site has a new look and is marked with several enhancements and additions. It has been written in PHP, a newer and more efficient language when compared to the former HTML, thus allowing for more flexibility for future maintenance and enhancements. Loading of the new page is 8-10 times faster than before with even more enhanced pictures than the previous version. The new guestbook is integrated into the new website and is banner-free thus offering the viewer a more user-friendly environment. The search engine has been re-developed for higher reliability and is also integrated into the website. It now allows for searches of the Rihani web site as well as searches on the internet. Tests of searches of the Rihani web site have proven to be 100% accurate.

Some of the additions include the display of a random quote from a database of over 100 quotes. The quote is displayed at the top of each page and changes each time the user navigates to a new page. Another new feature of the website is a section that shows each of Rihani's homes in Lebanon and in New York. The visitor can view a map of these two places that Rihani made his home and zoom in at each specific address. Additionally, a new multimedia section has been added where the visitor can download from a number of Rihani-related desktop wallpapers, view a PowerPoint presentation, listen to a sound clip by Rihani from a 1937 speech that he delivered in New York, and/or view a short movie clip in which Rihani is seen on a boat cruise. Finally, due to the interest expressed by Rihani admirers throughout the world to contribute funds to assist the Ameen Rihani Organization in their endeavor, a new donations section has been added where such individuals can now donate any amount of money on a secure server to the organization. Such electronic donations may be made by credit card through PayPal, or directly from a PayPal account.