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"My first wish is to be simple in my actions, truthful in my speech, honest in my opinions, and natural in my behavior. In other words, I want to be clean in mind, heart, and body."
Ameen Rihani, 1905
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The Lore of The Arabian Nights - Just Published

The Lore of The Arabian Nights, a manuscript by Ameen Rihani, was recently published by Platform International in Washington, DC. This is the forth manuscript published after Critiques in Art (essays), Wajdah (a play), and Letters to Uncle Sam (political letters).

This new book is a literary study on the content, written style, and historical background of the Arabian Nights. It also discusses and compares the three English translations of the Nights. The manuscript is introduced by Dr. Geoffrey Nash, professor of English Literature at the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. The book is comprised of 14 chapters and 104 pages, and addresses the following topics: The Armor of Illusion, Gods and Jinn, The Women of the Nights, Magic Lamps, Caps and Rings, The Facets of the Fabulous, Butterflies and Bats of Realism, A Thread of Native Authority, The Tags of the Storiologist, The Gist of a Controversy, The Rawy's Work, A Knight-Errant of France, Other Versions and Perversions, The Last and the Best, and examples from the translations of Edward Lane, John Payne, and Richard Burton.

Rihani wrote this manuscript in New York between 1928 and 1930. The book cover is designed by architect Reem Rihani. It includes illustrations inspired by the book. The text is followed by an index and by a comprehensive list of Rihani's Arabic and English works.

To obtain a copy of this hard-cover book (ISBN 1-930733-01-1, Library of Congress Control Number 2001119859) priced at U.S. $20, you may order it by contacting the Ameen Rihani Organization and sending an email that contains your shipping address and the required quantity to ARO.