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"Rihani made it his life's mission to try to kindle among his fellow Arabs the ambition, idealism, and cohesion that he so admired in the USA."
Robert Lacey, 1981
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The Heart of Lebanon is Translated into English

The Heart of Lebanon is a book of unique journeys, a diversity of poetry, history, and personal narrative presented by the Ameen Rihani who traveled and described the characteristics of his native country. The Heart of Lebanon is a first-hand account in which Rihani wanted the reader to share with him the joys of experiencing authentic scenes of Lebanese life.

This record of different incidents is like a rainbow displaying the different colors of pleasure and pain, hope and despair, beauty and homeliness. Rihani registered history, geography, psychology, sociology, fashion, faith, travel and traditions which, taken together in an amazingly woven tapestry, led to further knowledge and better understanding of the Lebanese character.

This valuable and genuine information was made available for all readers to get an accurate picture of the Lebanon of the first half of the twentieth century. No book has revealed the conduct, secrets, and charms of the Lebanese life in its social, cultural, and literary aspects as thoroughly and beautifully as this book.

This translation took 18 months of continuous work to complete, and 4 months of revisions. The book of 498 pages was translated by Dr. Henry Melki, and revised by Dr. Paul Jahshan. It was published in April 2005 by Notre Dame University Press in Lebanon under the Murex Series.