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"Ameen Rihani carries a flame that will never extinguish. He is a writer of literary battles. Once on stage he knows how to conquer his opponent..."
Maroun Abboud, 1941
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A New Edition of The Book of Khalid

The Book of Khalid, May 2000 Edition

The original text of The Book of Khalid was just released in its sixth edition. This edition of the book was published in May 2000 by Librairie du Liban Publishers, Beirut, Lebanon. According to the agreement between the publishers and the Rihani family, this new edition is marked with the following highlights:

  • The published text is the same exact text written by Ameen Rihani and published in New York in 1911.
  • As in previous editions, the illustrations of the Book are by Kahlil Gibran, however, one of these seven illustrations is reproduced on the cover.
  • At the end of the Book the reader finds a comprehensive list of Rihani's English Works.
  • The back cover carries quotations on The Book of Khalid from: Dr. Walter Edward Dunnavent, III, Indiana University; Dr. Steven P. Blackburn, University of London; and Dr. Geoffrey Nash, University of Sunderland, U.K.
  • The Foreword is written by Marguerite Mooers Marshall and Helen Johnson Keyes from New York.

In their foreword, Marshall and Keyes state that "Khalid is not a student of Western institutions so much as he is an observer of men, a creature of instincts and intuitions… He has the value of charm of a penetrating mind and a vivid heart, and he fitfully illuminates many dark corners in our civilization... His superb invocation to Nature at the beginning of the Second Book [is] vocal with a passion for the world on whose breast the United States, Lebanon and Arabia are but ant-hills."

In a letter dated May 17, 1911, Rihani mentions that Dodd Mead gets about thirty manuscripts a week. The manuscript of The Book of Khalid was read by three readers and " they were all of one mind… Khalid's manuscript was the only one worth reading" during that particular week when the manuscript was received and read. In another letter during the same month, Rihani mentions that after The Book of Khalid the material value of his published writings went from one cent to three cents a word.

This sixth edition (364 pages), priced at US $30, may be ordered from the Ameen Rihani Organization by sending an email that contains your shipping address and the required quantity to ARO.

Art Exhibit on Rihani's Heart of Lebanon

Forty five water color paintings inspiring chapters from The Heart of Lebanon were the subject of an exhibit that took place in Beirut at Sader Gallery for Art and Culture. The opening ceremony was held on April 6, 2000 in the presence of about 200 people including artists, scholars and media people from Lebanon and other Arab countries.

The artist, Mr. Hady Yazbek, expressed his interest in the Book by announcing that this is the first phase of the project, which will be followed by a second phase to complete it. Additionally, two cultural events took place during the exhibition. These were literary readings from Lebanese modern writers, and a musical evening playing the guitar. The exhibit was open from April 6 through May 5, 2000.

Mr. Hady Yazbek had previously exhibited his work in Ottawa, New York, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Cairo and Abu Dhabi, in addition to Beirut.