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"Mr. Rihani’s name, as the most distinguished living Arab who has contributed to world culture and civilization, is inscribed along with distinguished men and women whom the Italian group of Cleveland, Ohio, has sought to honor."
Pedro Gardo, 1935
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The Correspondence between King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and Rihani

The relationship between Rihani and King Abdul-Aziz is described not only in Rihani's books on Arabia like Muluk-ul Arab, The Maker of Modern Arabia, and The Modern History of Najd, but also through the correspondence that took place between the two men from 1922 till 1940 (the year of Rihani's death). This correspondence has been just published in Beirut (December 2000) with samples of the original letters and some rare photographs of Rihani and the King.

The 192-page hard cover book includes some important documents related to the modern history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its relationships with other Arab countries, and its early concerns with Middle Eastern issues and international affairs. The book carries historical, political, and literary perspectives regarding the first half of the 20th Century Middle East.

Published by Dar Amwaj under the title of King Abdul-Aziz and Ameen Rihani - Exchanged Letters, the book has received several reviews by Lebanese and Arab media, a sample of which follows:

Bakhty, Suleiman, "Discussions and Admiration between the Preserver of a Kingdom and the Writer of a Vision", An-Nahar newspaper, Beirut, December 14, 2000.

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To obtain a copy of this book (ISBN 9953-417-01-6), you may order it at the following web site or contact the person listed below:

To order the book, go to the Al-Furat online bookstore, or contact Dar Amwage at fax number 011-961-1-750053, attention Mr. Aboud Abu Jawdeh.