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"Yes, I am calling for an intellectual revolution that sweeps away the corruption, absurdity and error, which prevail in morals, customs, traditions, and doctrines."
Ameen Rihani, 1925
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US Ambassador to Lebanon Visits Rihani Museum

Mr. David Satterfield, the Ambassador of the United States to Lebanon, paid a visit to the Ameen Rihani Museum in Freike, Mount Lebanon, on March 20, 1999. He was accompanied by Mrs. Susan Hovenec, First Secretary and Director of Public Affairs at the embassy, Mrs. Maggie Teen, the Cultural Attache, Mrs. Diana Kamal, Vice President of AMIDEAST in Washington D.C., and Mrs. Barbara Batlouni, the Director of AMIDEAST in Lebanon. The visitors toured the different sections of the Museum, namely
  The Beginnings,
  The Years of Khalid,
  The Experience of the West,
  The Arab Dream,
  Major Translations of Rihani’s Works,
  International Horizons, Drawings by Rihani,
  American and Lebanese Artists' Drawings of Rihani,
  His Wife Bertha Case and Samples of Her Paintings,
  Books and Ph.D. Dissertations on Rihani.

At the end of the tour visitors received copies of The Path of Vision, Rihani’s collection of essays on East and West which was published in New York in 1921.

At the Ameen Rihani Museum in Freike, Lebanon, H.E. Mr. David Satterfield, Ambassador of the United States to Lebanon, together with Mrs. Dianna Kamal, Vice President of AMIDEAST, Washington D.C (to his right) and Ameen Albert Rihani.

Rihani in the Media of Kuwait

Al-Arabi Magazine, a well known Kuwaiti monthly journal has published, in its March issue of 1999, an essay on Rihani entitled Ameen Rihani, A Heritage of Moral Discoveries. The essay included the following subtitles: A Poetry Adventure, The Struggle of Materialism and Spiritualism, A Cultural Integration, The Call for the Arab Renaissance, From Rihani’s Archives and Ar-Rihaniyat. The essay was illustrated with colored photographs and portraits of Rihani. Al-Arabi Magazine is distributed in the Arab World, Europe and North America.

Rihani, the Art Critic

The interest in Rihani as an art critic has been clearly growing lately. Al-Anwar newspaper, in Beirut, has published Rihani’s article In The Exhibit extracted from his Arabic book Adab Wa Fan (Literature and Art). The publication appeared in three consecutive issues on March 6, 7 and 8 followed by a long article by Mr. Riyad Fakhoury, on March 9, highlighting the role of Rihani as an art critic during the first half of this century. Mr. Fakhoury discussed Rihani’s concepts of creativity in realism and commitment to national art.