Ameen Rihani Organization
"Centuries will pass and Rihani will be the everlasting hero and a part of the Lebanese, Arab and World heritage… The government [of Lebanon] shares with the Lebanese people the memory of Ameen Rihani who has chosen the whole world as a stage for his intellectual activities."
Rasheed Karameh, 1963 - Prime Minister of Lebanon
.: Recommended Books

For a better understanding of Rihani's work, we recommend the following books for new readers:

English: The Path of Vision
            The White Way and the Desert
            A Chant of Mystics
Arabic:  Hutaf-ul Awdiya (Hymns of the Valleys)
           Ar-Rihaniyat (The Rihani Essays)
           Antoum-ush Shu'ara' (You the Poets)

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