Ameen Rihani Organization
"I found Ameen Rihani was not merely a versatile writer in English and Arabic, but one who was passionately devoted to freedom, who attacked all opponents of true liberty, whether Western or Eastern. He sought, not merely the outward freedom of Arab nationalists, but above all the inward freedom of the spirit..."
J. Spencer Trimingham, 1965
.: Recommended Books

For a better understanding of Rihani's work, we recommend the following books for new readers:

English: The Path of Vision
            The White Way and the Desert
            A Chant of Mystics
Arabic:  Hutaf-ul Awdiya (Hymns of the Valleys)
           Ar-Rihaniyat (The Rihani Essays)
           Antoum-ush Shu'ara' (You the Poets)

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