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"... A revealing account of Abdul Aziz's court in the 1920s by Ameen Rihani, a Lebanese-American author, remains just as valid today"
Max Rodenbeck, 2002
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook
Ameen Rihani Organization - Guestbook

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This site is very educational and was helpful to me. It was really interesting too. Thank you!

Good site layout!

Nice site!!

I enjoyed the picture of Ameen Rihani.

Good homepage! It just needs some more pictures.

We have founded a group called the "Arab Theatrical Arts Guild" (ATAG). This is a non-profit performing arts organization which will provide productions in both Arabic and English with a focus on Arab/American issues and content.

As our group matures, we will be interested in reviewing some of Ameen's plays for possible future production. I am the president of A.T.A.G., and we can be reached at:
ATAG (313) 563-4126
1420 Dacosta
Dearborn, Michigan 48128

Gre at Web site (ATAG could use one of these!) - for a great man.

This website was one of only two to turn up in my search for information on the Lebanese poet Khalil Hawi (1925 - 1982). The English translation of his poem "Lazarus 1962" has deeply influenced my life and thoughts. I have read one interpretive essay on this poem by Mssrs. Adnan Haydar and Michael Beard, and my hope is to find essays/critiques representing other viewpoints. The poet and the power of his work deserve greater recognition in the Western world. Assistance from anyone, anywhere will be appreciated immensely.

The Rihani Saga is one of a kind. It is somewhat unique. Ameen F. Rihani left an appreciable amount of his works unpublished, unclassified, unheard of, mostly handwritten. It took a vigorously enterprising brother, Albert F. Rihani and after him his children Ameen, May, Ramzi and Sarmad, to undertake the gigantic task of researching, classifying, analyzing, putting together the unpublished part of Ameen Rihani's works. They have all participated, each in his or her own way, in enhancing the legacy of Ameen Rihani. This effort is still faithfully and persistently continuing. The">Ameen Rihani Home Page on the Internet, is the addition of another jewel to the crown. An illustration of the ongoing effort is the recent redesign of the site.

Well done my dear ones!
Keep up the good work.
God bless you all.

Through my uncles and aunt, Ramzi, Ameen, Sarmad and May, I got to know and admire one of my relatives, who has visited my grandparents here in Merida, Mexico, in 1914. I read some of his work and I think it is great.
Messages : 151 to 200
Page : 4
Number of messages : 250